Accepted papers

Predicting RUL & SOH for EV Batteries using Machine Learning
Anusha Garlapati, Shadan Mohammad, Abirlal Metya

Analysis and Prediction of CO2 Emissions, Energy Use and Economic Growth Trilemma in India
Pratul Singh, Rohan John Santosh, Anitha K

Smart Track: The Indigenous IPS
Ravuri Abhiram Kumar, Adarsh Begur, Venkatesh K

Forest Fire Detection using AI
Kalaiselvi K

Multiple Disease Detection in leaf Using Machine Learning techniques: Remedial approach
Kalaiselvi K

Enhancing Diabetes Prediction Through Ensemble Learning: A Comprehensive Research Study
Himanshu Vyas

Glaucoma Detection and Severity Diagnosis from Fundus Images Using Dual CNN Architectures
Latha G, Aruna Priya P, Smitha V K

Anti-Theft System Using Structural Similarity
Abhishek K L

Paddy and Mango Plant Disease Detection Using Machine Learning
Vyshnavi R, Sanmuga Priyan K, Aishwarya V, Jospin Jeya J

Forecasting cyber intrusions using machine learning
Aarikatla Tharun Kumar, Ashish Varma, Yamini B

An Empirical Review of Security Models used for Issuing Tamper Proof Certificates for Authentic Credentials
Smita Dhote, Priya Maidamwar, Shruti Thakur

Autonomous Traffic Regulator
Sreelatha R

Automatic Vehicle Counting for Traffic Management System Using Image Processing and IoT
Sreelatha R

A Survey on Energy Efficient Cluster Head Selection based Optimization Algorithms for WSNs
Vineeth Kalewar, Priyanka Ahlawat

Streamlining KYC Processes for Banks with Centralized Information Repository using Design Thinking
Lekhaa TR

Parallelization of Knight’s Tour using Naive Algorithm and n Queen using Genetic Algorithm
Lokesh S, Manimegalai R, Krishnadharani S, Mohammad Noor

Extracto : Optical Character Extractor for Tamil and English Text
Lokesh S, Sheeba A, Manimegalai R

Prediction and Classification of diseases to be caused in Child Dieting System by using K-Modes Algorithm
Bhanuprakash Chandraiah, Aishwarya Setty

Zero Watermarking and Data Authentication
R Manimegalai

Online Phishing Website Detection using Machine Learning
R Manimegalai

Gender Based Differences in Demographic and time domain Pulse Rate variability Parameters in association with Type2 Diabetic
Shikha Agarwal

Markov Decision Process-Based Scheduling With Additional Security
Caroline Arul, A V Senthil A V Kumar

Blockchain Based Three Tier Architecture for Land Registration System
Angad Singh, Swayam Govil, Sonali Kumari Singh, Murari Kumar Singh

Harnessing the Power of IOT for Next-Gen Intelligent Traffic System
Shashank Shekar

Evolvable Hardware using Genetic Algorithm
Gomathi Babu

Performance Evaluation of Deep Learning Architectures in Plant Pathology
Pudumalar S, Satheesh P, Vidhyadharan S, Selvi G S

Text Generation for an Image Using Deep Learning Techniques: Survey
Saranya M

Bus Route Tracking System
Kasirajan P, Nithish Shankar B, Rubesh Muthuvel R

Leakage Detection of Pipelines in Water Distribution Network Using Machine Learning Algorithm
Saravanabajali Manian, Selina Scarlett B, Nalen GJ

A survey on conversion of audio and text to sign language and vice versa using deep learning
Devianugraga MS, Betsy Angelin S, Narmadha V

Robotic arm device for Telesurgery
Ankita Gawaikar, Swati Sorte

Performance analysis of Disease Detection in Plants using ANN model
Kalaiselvi K

A Real-Time Case Study on BIM-Based 3D Modeling of an Institutional Computer Lab and IoT-Driven Internal Comfort Investigation
Gurunathan P

Exploring VANETs and their applications with Blockchain
Shivani A, Sowmya KS, Shree Charan ML, Swetha Swaminathan

Quality of service protection in 5G mobile ad hoc net-works with behavior learning-enhanced CNN-AODV routing
Saravanan Thangavel

Integrating Fuzzy Logic and Deep Learning for Effective Network Attack Detection with Fuzzified Deep Convolutional Neural Network
Saravanan Thangavel

A-I Enable V2G Power Management for sustainable future
Harshith R

Rating Prediction Based on Elite Users Sentiment from Textual Reviews
Shaikh Ubaid Ahmed, Ganesh Pakle

Skin cancer detection using Machine learning and Deep learning
Om Badavanache

Cardless ATM Transaction System
Sugantha Priyadharshini P, Janani A D, Jayakiruba N, Hemalatha R

Transforming Agriculture through the Internet of Things (IoT)
Praveen Kulkarni, Prayag Gokhale, Padma Dandavaar

Prediction of Diabetics Using Hybrid Feature Selection with KNN & ANN
Kesini K, Kamalie K, MohanaPriya G, SandhyaRanjith G

Efficient fire detection and automation using Haarcascade
Inbasudan S, Harshavardhan M, Jayabal S

A Comparative Analysis of Incremental Machine Learning Approaches on Healthcare Data
Deepthi Appasani, Charan Sai Bokkisam, Rahul Rishi Pentakota, Sanketh Yelamanchili, Simi Surendran

Enhancing Face Recognition with Convolutional Mixer and AdaBoost Algorithm
Ayush Kumar

Feature Selection for Finger Vein Biometric Recognition based on Bio inspired Symbiotic Organism Search
Jayapriya P

Implementing a NFT based album purchasing web application using React JS by integrating with ethereum blockchain
D Thamizhselvi, Shabika Fathima M, Dhivya M, Srinidhi M

Water Contamination Event Detection using Edge Forcing Sets in Nanosheets – A novel approach
Jessy Sujana G.

Plant Classification Based on Seeds Using Deep Learning
Selva Priya S, Mahalakshmi M, Chitra S, Mirra K B, Vazhan Arul Santhiya R, Priyadharshini P

Smart Soil Nutrient Prediction System
Saravanabalaji Manian, Akshya K

Forest Fire Detection using AI
Kalaiselvi K, Arnav Kandhari